The Veterans Squash Rackets Club of Great Britain

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Club Objectives The club objectives.
Club Officers Club officers and committee members.
Privacy Notice - May 2018 Detailed Privacy Notice - May 2018
AGM Minutes 2018 Minutes of 55th AGM 29.04.18
AGM Minutes 2017 Minutes of 54th AGM 02.04.17
AGM Minutes 2016 Minutes of 53rd AGM 17.04.16
AGM Minutes 2015 Minutes of 52nd AGM 19.04.15
AGM Minutes 2014 Minutes of 51st AGM 06.04.14
AGM Minutes 2013 Minutes of 50th AGM 14.04.13
AGM Minutes 2012 Minutes of 49th AGM 22.04.12
AGM Minutes 2011 Minutes of 48th AGM 17.04.11
AGM Minutes 2010 Minutes of 47th AGM 18.04.10
AGM Minutes 2009 Minutes of 46th AGM 19.04.09
Membership Information on joining the club.
Rules The rules of membership.