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12th APRIL 2019

I don’t know exactly how long this fixture has been played but the hospitality and the general atmosphere continues to grow, a great match and evening.

Unfortunately, GB Vets lost their number 1 through injury the night before but Beckenham gallantly agreed to play Steve Pratt their number one carrying a handicap, which was taken from the relative positions of the players in Squash Levels. A fantastic game evolved with Steve playing every single ball and risking few shots given his -7/+7 handicap. Andy Davies is probably the worst person to play in these circumstances as he is superbly fit and Steve a player renowned for shot play was eventually run ragged and Andy came through the winner to a burst of applause for both players.

Meanwhile on the other court Karen Hume in her annual battle with Ian Smith (also a GB Vet) on this occasion showed her speed and all-round game to full effect and came through in a closely fought 3/1

A reverse situation was taking place on the other court as Patrick, one of Beckenham’s team of coaches extracted himself from Coaching mode and was just too strong for a not 100% fit Adam Rich 3/0.

Dan Sweeney coming in at three for our injured number one produced a display of carefully controlled lobs to the corners followed up by a series of fine drop shots to get his own back on Toby who had beaten him earlier in the season in a Kent league match.

So, GB Vets were 3/1 up and the winners but all was not finished as Nigel Belle, England O75s Captain this year, took to the court against the young or maybe younger Geoff. Much conversation ensued plus some squash with the most eloquent of appeals to the marker. A hugely entertaining spectacle with lots of close games but alas in the end age defeated experience and Geoff won.

So an overall win for the GB Vets 3/2!

Moving swiftly to the bar where the games were re-fought over wine and beer and then into the dining room for an excellent dinner.

Well done Beckenham with a special thank you to Ian Smith for running this fixture and producing another cracker!

Robert Smith
Non-Playing Captain

Full results were as follows:

  Beckenham   GB Vets    
1 Steve Pratt lost to Andy Davies 2-3 6/11,13/11,11/9,9/11,1/11
2 Patrick Ashworth beat Adam Rich 3-0 11/8,11/4,11/6
3 Toby Carr lost to Dan Sweeney 0-3 7/11,8/11,10/12
4 Ian Smith lost to Karen Hume 1-3 15/13,4/11,11/13,6/11
5 Geoff McMullen beat Nigel Belle 3-1 11/8,11/9,9/11,11/9


GB Vets: Robert Smith, Jane Belle, Karen Hume, Andy Davies, Dan Sweeney, Adam Rich and Nigel Belle

Both teams and supporters