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19th MARCH 2019

Another excellent evening of squash, superb Dorking hospitality and general merriment post games.

The everlasting duo of John Woodliffe and Lance Kinder got the GB Vets off to a great start winning the doubles 3/1. (My records tell me that John and Lance have played in every match since 2010 and have won them all except one – what a remarkable record)

Next up Nigel Belle at No.4 lost a closely fought match 0/3, the last 2, 10/15, 12/15.

Alan Boulden at No.2 played good, consistent squash winning 3/0 whilst Dave Parker at No.3 had an excellent see-saw match which could have gone either way but he eventually lost 10/15 in the 5th.

So 2/2 and everything now hinged on the No.1’s match. Simon Hughes was tipped to beat fellow GB Vet Mike Stewart of Dorking. And so it transpired. A superb high quality game full of excellent shops, extraordinary retrieving by both men ended in a hard fought 3/0 win for Simon.

So a 3/2 win for the GB Vets – only the second win in 9 encounters. We could be on a roll!

The other everlasting duo of Bob and Harriet Gray surpassed themselves with providing yet another successful evening concluding with fish pie, apple pie and ice cream adequately washed down with various types of alcohol (except Lance who had his usual Coca Cola – diet of course!)

With thanks to Bob and Harriet we all left the Club with a warm glow, already looking forward to next year’s encounter.

Full results were as follows:

  Dorking   GB Vets    
1 Mike Stewart lost to Simon Hughes 0-3  
2 Paul Downman lost to Alan Boulden 0-3  
3 Dan Maybury beat Dave Parker 3-2  
4 Geoff Thorpe beat Nigel Belle 3-0  
  Alan Atkinson & Steve Valentine lost to Lance Kinder & John Woodliffe 1-3  


GB Vets team: John Woodliffe, Lance Kinder. Nigel Belle, Dave Parker, Simon Hughes.
Alan Boulden played but not in picture.

Both Teams


Nigel Belle
Match Manager