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15th APRIL 2019

The RAC Pall Mall is one of the best venues and matches the GB Vets are fortunate to play during the season.
Attracting 2 World Class Lady players, a National winner and some of the cream of Kent the GB Vets were more than ready to do battle.

Playing PARS to 11 all matches were of the highest quality and played in the true spirit of the game – competitive, good natured and very enjoyable fun.

John Goodrich at No.3, with his accuracy and dogged determination, has rightly, over the last few years, elevated him to being an England representative at the Home Internationals. However his opponent was just as determined to win and so he did 3/1 after an excellent marathon match.

Adam Rich at No.4 had a relatively easy ride winning 3/0 whilst Karen Hume at No.6 wasn’t able to repeat her British National Masters win over Jill Campion and succumbed 0/3 just narrowly losing the third 10/12.

Andy Davies at No.2 had a great see-saw match where his fitness in the end won the day 3/1.

Mandy Akin, also a British National Masters winner, at No.5 was eager to reverse her defeat by Angus Baillie last year. 1/0, 1/1, 2/1, 2/2 – was this to be her year? Sadly, having just returned from holiday, the legs and body would not respond to the challenge and she lost the 5th.

Last up was Fergus Burnett at No.1 against James Gardner who just lost a closely fought match against Keeley Johnson last year. Try as he could Fergus was no match for a determined, harder hitting opponent who dominated the game and won 3/0.

So an RAC win 4/2 in matches and 13/9 in games

The legendary buffet supper and more than ample supply of wine in the Long Bar, and the generosity of the RAC afterwards was again…..legendary!
Our thanks to the RAC and in particular James Gardner for arranging yet another brilliant evening.

Full results were as follows:

  RAC   GB Vets  
1 James Gardner beat Fergus Burnett 3-0
2 Andrew Nicholson lost to Andy Davies 1-3
3 Steve Jones beat John Goodrich 3-1
4 James Maskey lost to Adam Rich 0-3
5 Angus Baillie beat Mandy Akin 3-2
6 Jill Campion beat Karen Hume 3-0


Nigel Belle
Non playing Match Manager.