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The GB Vets recorded an amazing haul of 8 winners and 6 runners up at the British National Masters held in Nottingham 12/17 February 2019.

The Women first:

Mandy Akin WO55 winner beating her old Scottish rival Fiona McLean in a thrilling final 3/1. Lesley Sturgess reached the semis, Tammy Bennett and Sue Pynegar reached the quarters.
Karen Hume WO60 winner beating the No. 1 seed in the semis and a convincing 3/1 win in the final against Jill Campion.
Bett Dryhurst won the WO70 title and also runner up in the O65’s.

Now the men:

Jamie Goodrich MO40 lost in the final 5/11 in the 5th.
Mark Woodliffe MO55 winner taking just 19 minutes to win the final 3/0. John Parkes, Darren Withey and Eamonn Price reached the quarters.
Stephen Johnson MO65 winner beat an under par Geoff Redfern 3/0 in the final. John Goodrich and Paul Reader reached the quarters.
Howard Cherlin MO70 won a thrilling 45 minute match 15/11 in the 5th against Phil Ayton. Howard having beaten the No.2 seed Barry Featherstone (who unfortunately had to retire injured) in the semis whilst Phil beat the No.1 seed Ian Ross 3/1 also in the semis. Larry Grover and Aubrey Waddy reached the quarters.
Adrian Wright MO75 beat old rival Mike Clemson 3/1 in the final. Nigel Belle reached the semis.
Vinnie Taylor MO80 won all his games in a 3 man pool. Lance Kinder was runner up.

Pictures: Winners: WO55 Mandy Akin, WO60 Karen Hume, WO70 Bett Dryhurst, MO55 Mark Woodliffe, MO65 Stephen Johnson, MO70 Howard Cherlin, MO75 Adrian Wright, MO80 Vinnie Taylor.
Runners up: MO40 Jamie Goodrich, MO65 Geoff Redfern, MO70 Phil Ayton, MO75 Mike Clemson.

MO40 Jamie Woodliffe MO55 Mark Woodliffe MO65 Geoff Redfern MO65 Stephen Johnson
MO70 Howard Cherlin MO70 Phil Ayton MO75 Adrian Wright MO70 Mike Clemson
MO80 Vinnie Taylor WO55 Mandy Akin WO60 Karen Hume WO70 Bett Dryhurst