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2013 Club Tournament
(photos and results )

Over the weekends of 16/17th March and 13/14th April this year’s Vets Club tournaments were held at Colets and Broxbourne.

First the doubles were played at Colets, up to and including the semi-finals. There were some last minute withdrawals so there were not quite as many matches as scheduled, but the competition was as fierce as ever.
Some pairs, entering two events, elected to play Plate matches on the Saturday and so had plenty of time on court.

The singles and finals weekend held at Broxbourne again suffered from a spate of withdrawals resulting in several draw re-arrangements. However the weekend itself was full of the customary rivalry. Full of the anticipation of success and the disappointment of not quite making it.

Seeing the top players in action reminded many of glory days of the past, real and imagined.

Back to imperial form after a period of illness was our President, Philip Ayton, showing why he has been No. 1 ranked in England in every Master’s age category and is the current World O’65 Champion. In the absence of Adrian Wright, Mike Clemson powered through to the O’70 title. John Woodliffe overcame a determined Lance Kinder to take his 9th singles title and the two of them won their 18th Doubles title.

There were successes for Darren Withey, Dermot Hurford, Stuart Hardy and Steve Jackson in the 45, 50, 55 and 60 age groups.

The Ladies titles were won by Sam Mueller, beating Mandy Akin who had dropped down an age category, in the O’40s and newcomer Sarah Howlett beat Lynne Davies in the O’50s.

The Doubles finals were won by Ansell and Hooper 45, Howes and Waddy 55,
David Garrett and his brother in-law Mike Shattock won the 65 and the perennial Woodliffe and Kinder the O’70.

The Colets pair of Kim Ricks and Tammy Bennett won the Ladies doubles.

There remains some doubt as to whether the new format was successful. Too many matches were cancelled at the last minute and players withdrew through injury and unavailability. A show of hands at the AGM was inconclusive with a 50-50 split in favour or against.

Many thanks are due to Broxbourne for their warm welcome and hospitality over the weekend.

Geoff Howes
19 April 2013