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Vets Club Tour to Wigginton Squash Club

OCTOBER 10th - 12th 2014

The Vets Club of GB were again invited to send a team to the wonderful Wigginton Squash Club near York over the weekend of 10th - 12th October this year. We think this is the ninth or tenth time we have been there over the years.

Every visit has been superb, but this one coincided with Wigginton's 35th Anniversary - celebrated by a Dinner Dance on the Saturday evening, to which we were all invited. Needless to say, it was a wonderful evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

The contact with Wigginton started when one of our Vets Club Army members, Stewart Gray, was serving up in York about ten years ago. He became a member of Wigginton and during his time there he invited a VC of GB team to come and play there and we have kept the fixture up ever since. Their team captain is a very hard-working and enthusiastic member called Nick Clifford and after Stewart Gray left Nick took over the fixture and is a very generous and welcoming host.

For the record, the results were:

FRIDAY 10th OCT        
Wigginton   GB Vets    
Mark Wilson lost to Neil Harrison 0-3 6/9 5/9 2/9
Robin Wright lost to Martin Wright 1-3 9/7 7/9 1/9 1/9
Nick Clifford lost to Adrian Wright 1-2 3/9 9/4 7/9 best of 3 as Adrian was not too well
Lee Twigge lost to Ian Thompson 1-3 4/9 9/7 0/9 3/9
Simon Langley beat John Woodliffe 3-1 9/4 9/6 2/9 9/6
Tom Simpson beat Lance Kinder 3-0 9/1 10/8 9/1
Peter Thompson lost to Tommy Elves 0-3 7/9 6/9 1/9
GB VETS won 5-2        

SATURDAY 11th OCT        
Wigginton   GB Vets    
Ben Riley lost to Neil Harrison 1-3 5/9 9/5 5/9 6/9
Neil Roberts lost to Ian Thompson 1-3 9/2 8/10 1/9 6/9
Nick Clifford lost to Martin Wright 1-3 5/9 9/5 5/9 6/9
Steve Kid beat John Shaw 3-0 10/8 9/0 9/3
Dave Beaumont beat John Woodliffe 3-0 10/8 9/7 9/4
Amand Brigham lost to Lance Kinder 0-3 8/10 0/9 1/9
Alan Hancock lost to Tommy Elves 2-3 9/5 5/9 8/10 3/9 2/9
GB VETS won 2-5