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13th January 2022

Unfortunately the GB Vets team had been reduced somewhat by injuries and Covid but that didn’t stop all having a most enjoyable evening as Roehampton had 8 players including doubles specialists. So from the start any attempt at a formal match was dropped and we just mixed and matched for the next two and a half hours. A few observations :

GB Vets outclassed in the doubles. Ash Chakraborty played three doubles matches and one singles.

Mick Murray played one doubles and two singles managing to win one of the singles.

Star man David Parker played three doubles and two singles matches finally getting a 3/2 win in the singles at close to 9pm. All this after 18 holes of golf in the afternoon!

Everyone had a good workout but overall I think we have to concede a victory to Roehampton.

Great hospitality afterwards. Some of the Roehampton guys couldn't stop for the meal but most of us captured in attached photo with Ash, myself and David centre stage.

Mick Murray. Match Manager.