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9th March 2023

On a cold, wet evening, after introductions, we were asked to decide from 8 main courses and 5 desserts what we would like to eat post match! I know of no other club that offers this level of hospitality – and the food was fantastic!

The match consisted of 3 singles and 1 doubles. 4 out of our 5 players played last year when we suffered a 5/0 defeat, so we were looking for revenge!

Fergus Burnett at No.1 was first on and had a relatively easy 3/0 victory whilst Mick Murray had a more difficult time but also came through a 3/0 winner.

Philip Courtenay-Luck battled for 5 evenly matched games but unfortunately, just as last year, failed at the final hurdle losing agonisingly 13/15 in the 5th.

The dynamic duo of Nigel Belle and David Parker (well at least David was dynamic!) faced the same opponents as last year where we endured a 2/3 defeat. Unfortunately this year we lost 1/3 – 16/17, 12/15, 15/12, 11/15.

So an honourable draw 2/2 although in games we won 9/6!

So having tucked into our delightful pre-arranged meal, a few drinks, much banter, a few words of thanks from the Match Manager, we all braved the still cold and wet evening and wended our way home already looking forward to our next encounter in 2024.

Full results were as follows:

  Hurlingham   GB Vets    
1 David Mann lost to Fergus Burnett 0-3  
2 Sebastion Paul lost to Mick Murray 0-3  
3 Jamie White beat Philip Courtenary-Luck 3-2  
5 Rodney Brewis & Paul Lubbock beat Nigel Belle & David Parker 3-1  


Nigel Belle
Match Manager

GB Vets team: Fergus Burnett, Nigel Belle, Philip Courtenay-Luck, Mick Murray, David Parker

Both teams: Burnett, Lubbock, Brewis, Belle, Courtenay-Luck, Murray, Parker, White. Messrs. Main and White had to leave early.