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21st April 2023

A welcome return to a GB Vets match vs Oxshott. Squash levels, although only a guide to standard, played an important part in ensuring all games were reasonably contested.

All games were played to PARS to 15 and first up was Kim Ricks playing fellow GB Vet and Oxshott match manager John Prestwich. A fascinating see-saw match and at 2/2 the result could have gone either way. Unfortunately for the GB Vets John won the 5th 15/11.

3 matches then went Oxshott’s way. Peter Culver at No.3, Nigel Belle at No.6 and Nigel Bacon at No.1. The last match saw John Prestwich’s great friend Nigel Bacon (squash level circa 5200) take on Stewart Hibbert (level 6300) A feast of high quality squash in the end proving the squash levels correct!

David Parker at No.4 had four very hard, close games, 13/15, 12/15 down, saving a 3/0 defeat by winning the third 18/16 but just losing the 4th 13/15.

Fergus Burnett at No.2 took the first easily 15/4, lost the second 13/15 and with consistent, accurate play took the next two to win 3/1.

A doubles match finished with a GB Vets win.

So an overall win for Oxshott 5/2.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all and thanks to John Prestwich for superb organising!

  Oxshott   GB Vets    
1 Stewart Hibbert beat Nigel Bacon 3-0 15/12, 15/11, 15/9
2 Dan Coffin lost to Fergus Burnett 1-3 4/15, 15/13, 10/15, 8/15
3 Chris Browning best Peter Culver 3-0 15/12, 15/6, 15/9
4 Matt Harris beat David Parker 3-1 15/13, 15/12, 16/18, 15/13
5 John Prestwich beat Kim Ricks 3-2 12/15, 15/11, 7/15, 15/8, 15/11
6 Mark Godfrey beat Nigel Belle 3-0 15/11, 15/13, 15/7

Nigel Belle
Match Manager