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5th October 2023

Following a postponement of the match planned for earlier in the year we, and the new Dorking match manager Rob Crayston, were eager to use Squash Levels as a guide to ensure everyone got a good game. And so it proved with all 5 matches resulting in 3/1. Unfortunately for the GB Vets 4 of the matches went Dorking’s way so a 4/1 defeat for us.

The O75 Club Championship doubles winners - two years running - of Nigel Belle and Brian Dobson were on first and after a shaky start managed a respectable scoreline losing the 4th 10/15.

Bryan Francis, fresh from his European silver win in Hamburg, took the first but struggled to keep up that form for the next 3.

Kim Ricks lost a hard battle in the first 16/18, won the second but couldn’t keep the momentum going and lost the next 2.

John Prestwich had 4 very close games – 15/12, 14/16,15/17, 13/15. A game of high quality and hard hitting both players giving as much as they got!

David Parker at No.1 won a momentous first game 20/18, lost the second 14/16 and then dominated the next 2. A well hard fought win.

So a Dorking win 4/1.

It was great to see Harriet, Bob Gray’s wife, at the match as well as Lance and Jacqui Kinder who came all the way from Overton in Hampshire to see old friends and support.

Great meal, great company and much jolly banter plus brief ‘thank you’ words from both Match Managers ended a most enjoyable evening.

Full results were as follows:

  Dorking   GB Vets    
1 Rob Crayson lost to David Parker 1-3  
2 Mark Ambrose beat Bryan Francis 3-1  
3 Mike Watkins beat John Prestwich 3-1  
4 Dave Andrews beat Kim Ricks 3-1  
5 Bill Lovesey & Tony Heron beat Nigel Belle & Brian Dobson 3-1  

Nigel Belle
Match Manager

Picture Caption: Dobson (GBV), Ambrose (D), Andrews(D), Parker (GBV), Heron(D), Watkins(D), Crayston(D), Belle(GBV), Francis(GBV), Prestwich(GBV), Lovesey(D) Ricks(GBV) not in oicture