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Members will be aware of the plans we had advertised to hold a weekend of fun at the superb venue of the Royal Automobile Club at Woodcote Park.

I am delighted to report that the aim of getting as many members playing singles and doubles, on wonderful courts, in a truly sportsmanlike manner was achieved over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of November.

Some fifty matches were played - thirty singles and twenty doubles, with sixty-five different players, representing five clubs - each with two teams of three singles players and two doubles pairs.

The Clubs involved were Escorts, Jesters, RAC,the Army and Vets Club of GB.

There were age restraints! The singles squad had to include one player 0/45, one 0/55 and one 0/65. One doubles pair had each to be between 0/45 and 0/60, but a combined age of at least 105; the other pair both had to be 0/65. These age restraints were MOSTLY achieved.

As is to be expected, the Team Captains selected their players only to find at the last minute that there were injuries, or unexpected events which meant that some players could not make it. So, in the spirit of the Festival there were a few players from one Club who played for another Club as well as their own. Very supporting and good fun.

On the Saturday thirteen doubles matches were played and eighteen singles. Apoint was awarded for each game won and an extra point for a match win. Sunday saw seven doubles and twelve singles.

For the record, the results were:

Vets Club of GB 51 points
The Army 49 points
The Escorts 45 points
RAC 36 points
The Jesters 35 points

It was unanimously felt that this event should be an annual affair and plans to make it so are to be considered in the near future.

John Woodliffe, Chairman of the Vets Club presented team member Stuart Hardy with a trophy and all those who played for the winning team received a small memento of the occasion.

John thanked Graham Nichols and James Dubois for all their help in accepting the task of hosting the event on behalf of the RAC and for the hospitality and kindness shown to make it such a memorable weekend. James was presented with the new VCof GB 50th Anniversary plaque in recognition of his outstanding help.

The following members represented the VC of GB:

David Garrett
Chris Lowry
Martin Matthews
Peter Leary
Edward Woods
Peter Culver
Ray Lanagan
John O'Brien
Matthew Parker
Alasdair McMeckan
Neil Davies
David Esser
Eddie Smith
Stuart Hardy
Steve Johnson
Lance Kinder
Phil Ashman